In January 2015 the Burch brand extended to a second venue just 80 metres along the McKinnon Road right next to the railway station. The rather cheeky “Son of a Burch” has similarities and differences to the original. This café sticks with the vintage theme, but about a generation i.e. thirty years younger, in the mid-century period, with classic 50’s and 60’s furniture, artwork and equipment. Instead of a mannequin, there is the striking graffiti mural on the centre wall, based on a photo of a baby taken before the war, dressed up with a trilby and pipe. The original picture can be found on the menu and website, and full credit to the artist for such a skilled and modern transformation.

Being close to McKinnon station the focus for Son of a Burch is snappy service, with coffee and snacks to go. Aside from excellent coffee there are several unusual hot drink options, such as golden turmeric or green matcha lattes, and the unique Melbourne Fog™. Developed at Mr Burch and only available there and at Son of a Burch, this is a wattleseed latte with local Melbourne rooftop honey. It has a distinctly nutty character with chocolate on top. It may lack the caffeine, but benefits from the trace minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium and zinc found in this indigenous ingredient.

At Son of a Burch all items on the menu can be enjoyed at the café or packed for take-away, and include a range of freshly made sandwiches, rolls and salads. With a focus on light and healthy, popular meals include the now ‘must-have’ smashed avo, as well as field mushrooms or house made baked beans on toast. Naturally, there are the amazing cakes and treats supplied from Mr Burch to keep things sweet.

Original photo from the 1930’s